Click, Tap, Click, Tap, Click.

After a few simple seconds

And a few simple motions,

I’m there looking at you.

We’re friends or followers.

You’re beautiful and I want to get to know you better,

But yet in this age,

I can’t be for sure it’s you on the other side.

Now a days, a date is awkward being

We got to text, snap, like and lol

Before we can go on a date.

We’re glue to our phones while on the date so what’s the point.

Your friends will know how it’s going before I even do.

If there a second date and a relationship forms,

Now my job is harder being I got to like and lol more

While getting crazy messages from ex’s

Or being sub mention in status.

Everyone knows everything

While nothing is private anymore.

I guess, I’m old fashioned

Being I want calls not texts or snaps.

This is only part of the reason why I stare then scroll on by

Instead of liking being I’m just one of five, ten or a hundred of guys

And it’s not worth my time.

Click, Click, Click, shut down.


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