The farm

There we were, standing in front of an old run down Victorian home. Back in the day, it must have been beautiful but now the widows are boarded up or the glass has been busted out.  As we walked to the front door. A giant board greeted us with turn back now spray painted on it. That should have been our first sign but we were in the middle of nowhere. Chuck got a great deal on the land being he was going to start a cattle farm. We all wanted to pitch in and help being this was going to be the hang out spot on the weekend. Chuck used the crowbar to get the board off while I held the board steady. Chuck and I moved the board off the porch. Excitement grew being we wanted to see the inside of the house. Chuck when in first followed by everyone else then I was last.

The inside of the house was beautiful and it caused me to be speechless, that was before I realized that no one else was with me. The house looked like someone else was living there during the 50’s. I pulled out my phone to check for service which there was none. My head felt like it was going to explode with all of the thoughts that raced in my mind. I stepped back outside to see that the grass was cut and cows was out grazing. A dust covered green 1940’s car was sitting on a patch of dirt. “Hi There” A Voice said from beside me. I turned to see an old man with overalls and an old woman in a dress just swinging in a porch swing. He didn’t have much hair while she had grey. “What year are you from?” He asked.

I couldn’t believe that he knew I was from a different year, so I had to think about the year.  “2016” I told him as smile came across his face.

“You know Chuck?” He asked. I nodded my head yes but I didn’t know how he knew that.  “It was 2066, when I poked around the farm and went in the house but that was fifty years ago.  She came shortly after I did.”

About that time there was a tap on my back. I turned around to see a young woman dress in colonial dress. Her hair is blonde with beautiful blue eyes that I got lost in. “Can you tell me, where I’m?” She asked.

A smile crept on my face. “I don’t know either” I told her before I turned to the old couple.

The old man smiles. “We’ve called it home, I could never figure out the car and food is always stocked.” He said.

I knew how to drive a stick so I went over to the car while the colonial girl talked with the old couple. The car open then I saw the keys laying on the front seat. I didn’t know if they had keys in the future or if the old couple was stupid. It started up, it was a great sound but the colonial girl freaked out. I rode over to them. “I’m going to try to find some answers.” I told them. “Y’all want to come along?” The old couple shook their head no while the young woman froze stiff.  “Come on, it’s fun and it won’t hurt.” I told her. She looks over at the old couple and they motioning for her to get in the car. She got in and sat beside me then I took off.

There wasn’t a road or a dirt path so I did my best but we found a small town. There were no cars or signs of life but there were shops. It was eerie feeling, I stopped at town hall. I got out of the car as she followed me, we walked to the door then I pushed on the doors. They didn’t budge, they were blocked from the inside. I ran over to a shop to try their doors but it was the same. “Come on” I said as I ran back to the car. We hopped in then we were off again, I drove past town hall but the road didn’t go much farther then that so it was off road again. We started seeing cattle after a few minutes then it was that back of the house. This was the worst feeling of my life being I was stuck with no way and no clue where I was. So I parked the car and headed back to the old couple while the colonial woman followed me.

“So now you get it.” He said “Well, I think our time is going to be up soon.”

I started to wonder around the house trying to find some clue with no luck. Night time came and everyone else when to sleep but I couldn’t so I turned on the radio. Hank Williams played as I sat in the dark.  The room felt like I wasn’t alone. A figure moved from across the room then it came over to me. “What is this place?” I asked

The light flicked on, there was three of them. They were human looking but with huge eyes. They didn’t know what to do then one finally spoke. “This is the Farm. It’s in a wormhole.“ One of them said. “This is the best place to be, at least you are not in the zoo. We’re sorry that your mate is from the time era as you but we have plans for the two of you. It could save us and your species.”

The next morning, I woke up with my arm around the colonial woman in a bedroom.


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