The Job

It started like any other day but I got a text from my friend that read you want a job? It made sense being the book took off and the hype died down while the sequel was put on hold for the summer being we couldn’t get to the presses before Christmas and after Christmas everyone is broke. I texted back yeah, doing what? He was quick to respond with maintenance for three months but with free food, room and TV plus a thousand dollars a week. It sounded damn good and something to get the juices flowing again for the last book in the series or another book. I texted back yeah and where. Montana he replied and I thought at least we will be safe from zombies. Let’s do this mother fucker, I texted back.

We flew out on the 29th of November and was met by a hotel staffer at the airport. The six of us was ready to do this and it was going to be the last time the six could have got together before life took off. None of us knew how big the hotel was before we saw it. It was 300 bedrooms plus other rooms and it would’ve been massive during the 1800’s. The hotel was beautiful on the inside with the paintings on the walls and the hard wood floor plus the grand stair case that came into the lobby. Our job was simple, keep the power and heat on and to stops leaks so that spring crew could get the hotel in top shape. The hotel gave us each a room and we could pick which room. I pick the top floor at the end of the hallway being if there was a problem I could see it and the other guys did the same with rooms at the end of the hallways. Once everyone else left, it was party time and it sunk in that we were alone. We met at the bar and started drinking. They had beer while I had whiskey and cola, something that just relaxed me. I left while they partied at the bar so I headed to the arcade to play pinball. The lights with the dings, just put me in the zone and that was one of my spots other than pool hall by the bar or the bar.

We made it six weeks without a problem with the hotel or us guys but that was first and not last. I was in the pool hall just shooting around with a whiskey and cola by myside while thinking about problem in the story. Tee and Ryan were in the bar drinking. The two of the was the same person which caused them to be rivals being you can’t have two studs together. “Fuck you, asshole” was yelled then “Nah, Fuck you.” I did what someone should do and ran to see what the problem was. The two of them was standing up with their stools flipped over while waiting for the other one to swing.

“What the hell is going on?” I asked.

Tee looks at me. “He fucked Jenny at school.”

Ryan looks over at me. “You was there being you brought her.” He told me trying to shift the blame.

The only time I saw Ryan was at when I came to speak at his school. “I didn’t bring no one down with me when I saw you, your school invited me to speak and that’s how we got invited to the Kappa party.” The two of them just looked confused, this was the best time to let it out. “I’m a writer that has a large fan base that is women and the Kappa’s wanted me to speak at their house.” The two of them didn’t know what to think and was quiet.

Tee looks at Ryan. “Well she is a Kappa so she might’ve came to see him.”

Ryan looks back at Tee. “It wasn’t like you was dating her and it just kinda happen that one time” He said calmly. They hugged it out as the rest of the guys was coming down. I guess someone hear it. They break apart then Ryan points to me. “This faggot is a writer.”

The rest of the guys look at me. “I was going to tell ya’ll after the next book came out or if this book I’m writing gets picked up” They had a million questions after that. I wish I could say that was the worst that happen with us guys but Tee and Ryan into a drunken brawl a few days later. Sides was chosen as secrets came out. I tried to avoid them after that.

Few days after the brawl, A loud banging came from down stairs from so I went down there to see what was going on being I thought a pipe burst or someone need it help. Once I got to the room it was loud as could be. The door was open so I peeked in. Tee was naked and was humping something while Walker was naked as well and just watching. Walker was just crazy and an asshole. I wasn’t going to wait and see what or who they had in the bed so I ran back to my room. They stopped after a while then I gave them more time being I had to walk past the room to get something to eat. I slip past them then made it to kitchen. I was going to make some fried chicken tender but I needed it a knife to cut the vacuum tight seal but that was when I noticed that there was knifes missing as well as other objects like the cheese grater. So I checked the dish washer but it was empty. My thought was that the guys was being slobs so I went on and cooked before doing my rounds while on the rounds I saw Jason and he was walking funny. We were friends in middle school but we grew closer in high school. He was what would be a beta male but he knew everything even before you told anyone that made him dangerous plus he didn’t talk much so you didn’t know what he knew and what he didn’t. “Are you alright?” I asked.

He chuckled. “Yeah, just trying to survive, stay out of sight or defend yourself” then he wobbled off quickly. I figured he had a knife or two with the defend yourself part but I was going to be a human as possible being we had a job to do. The lights flicker then the loud hum of the genny echoed. I finished my rounds as quickly as possible then getting my gear ready for a refuel run. Darkness hit as the genny died. The walk was horrible being I didn’t know if something or someone was going to pop out or what. The cold stinging wind was the worst part of it. I was glad to see the lights to come back on in the hotel after I refuel it. No one else came out to help me which was odd but then it came full circle when the door was locked and I couldn’t get back in. So I busted out the first window I saw then climbed in but the breaking glass didn’t get their attention.

After I walked out of the room the whole hotel felt odd and quiet. When I walked to the lobby that is when I found Gary lying in a pool of his own blood with a knife in his chest. He was funny even when it wasn’t appropriate but that wasn’t a reason for him to die like this. My loud scream caught everyone else’s attention. They came rushing to me and their looks said it all then Ryan started in at Tee and Walker. Jason and I broke them up then I headed up to my room to be alone for a while.

After a few hours, I went down to the bar for a bottle or two so I couldn’t remember the body.

There was Walker with a corkscrew in his eye, just lying on the bar. Well, this one didn’t bother me as much being it was another dead body so I grabbed two bottles then headed back. Frankly, I didn’t care about the job anymore, I wanted to get out or have all of them dead.

I got pretty drunk being I passed out in the bathroom with my clothes on so I walked down the kitchen to find something to eat but there was nothing there. A glance out of the window showed that the frozen food was outside in the snow that seemed like a trap. As I walk to the grand stair case there was Tee and Jason with knifes in their hands, they were heading down the hallway to Ryan’s room. I figured that Ryan wasn’t going to be last one to die being I was still here and was a witness. So I raided their rooms for anything that I could use. I took a knife and some canned goods being it was a matter of time before they came for me.

It was a sick thought but I had to see what they did to Ryan so I waited until they fell asleep. Well, it was a sight being they cut his head off and removed his eyes before place his genitals in his head. The body was nowhere to be found. It was something that could never be forgotten. I hated to see what they had planned for me. On the way back to my room is when I heard the loudest scream in my life. I figured Tee was killing Jason so I took off but I couldn’t help to find them in the middle of the hall. The two of them was nude while Tee was on the ground. He was crawling while blood shot up from his ankles while Jason was holding a knife and the cheese grater. Jason looks at me. “You didn’t see nothing and we can leave tomorrow.” He said. I ran off and went to my room.

When morning came a knock was at my door and it was Jason. “Come on now, just grab your laptop, There’s a tracked vehicle outside for you, town isn’t too far away.” He said. I didn’t know what to think about this, I figured he rigged the vehicle but I wasn’t going to argue with him being I had no clue what was going to happen so I didn’t move. “It’s not rigged. I want this to be over. If, I wanted to kill you, you would be dead already.” I grabbed my laptop bag and my coat then opened up the door. Jason smiled at me. “I only killed Ryan, everyone else killed someone else. I couldn’t let him live after what he did to Gary.” We walked out in silence being it felt wrong to talk. I didn’t want to know anything else about his crime. The sad fact is that I didn’t know about the tracked vehicle or where it came from.

It took about an hour to get to the closet town. The police found six bodies in the hotel and power was off while the genny was out of gas. Jason hung himself while the sixth body was naked and chained to a bed, the body was a woman. She was Identify quickly and from how I understood it, she came looking for me being she was a fan. The guilt that I felt was nothing like I felt before being I caused all of this in a way.


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