Something different

Today’s post is going to be different being this is not a story or a poem. This is just me talking about something that I like which genealogy. But I’m not going to talk about how to improve or how to find that certain record that will change everything. I can post about that stuff later if ya’ll want.

I’m going to be talking about something that most people won’t understand, so if you get lost, I’m sorry and I’m going to do my best to explain. I use my family tree as a source of inspiration. I know that sounds weird but it works for me. I wrote an entire rough draft of screenplay within three days after seeing one picture of one of my family members which I later novelized. I should say that I slept eight hours a night at least.  It was like lighting striking being I couldn’t do nothing without thinking about it. Unfortunately, most of the stories are so long that I can’t post to my blog or I haven’t been able to write down.

I’m going to let you in a secret that I use. This is an example, My Great Grandpa B. served in WW2. He was a cook with the 11th armored division and was in 22nd Tank Battalion. With that information I can change it up from a WW2 story about Nazi to some Sci Fi story about aliens or something else. Let’s stick with aliens for a second.  Now I can go different ways with it as well. Are they in space, an alien planet or earth? Let’s say it’s earth.  Now What year is it being I could make it 1914 to 5500. Let’s stick with WW2 and go with 1943. Now there’s an alien invasion during WW2 which opens up another can of worms. But I now got a decent idea of how that’s story heading.

Let’s move on to the character, I could use actual facts about my great grandpa but by now the juices are flowing pretty good. The main character would be nothing like him. I’m picturing a cigar smoking Sergeant that would take a drink after every kill but is very soft spoken off of the battle field.  Or I could go with a blond hair, blue eyes, 12-year-old that is a Hitler youth.

I wouldn’t use my Great Grandpa’s name being it wouldn’t feel right in this case but the 11th armored or 22nd tank, I might use.  It’s numbers in front of a unit and I could combine the two. The only one who would need to get the reference will be me.

That’s how I use my family tree as a creative outlet. I know it’s a weird way but it works for me when I’m in a runt and can’t think of nothing.


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