The craft

Oct. 1943

With the bright sun beating down on them, the men of the 1122nd are out practicing for Desert warfare. An alarm rings out and the men and their tanks stop. Men climbed out of their tanks in a hurry while running across the desert for a drink of water. One man covered in ash took his sweet time while trying to light up a cigar then took a deep drag from it. “That’s the stuff.” He said as he exhaled. As he got closer to the men scrambling for a drink, they began to run away as he approached. The water fountain was opened so he took a nice long drink before walking back to his tank. He sat in the shade that tank was casting.  Soon the rest of his tank mates joined him. He smiled at his men while they crawled back. “Soon, we will be over there killing the Germans.” He wiped what was left of his cigar on his boot. “That’s when the fun begins.” He stands up then stops.

The men look at each other before standing up. “Sarge .” One of them said being Sarge didn’t stand still outside of the tank then they became quiet as well. A hovering fly disc was above the camp which was a few miles down the road. Everyone was looking at it.

“Men, get in the Tank” Sarge said before running up to the other men. They all just stood there looking. “Lieutenant.” He yelled but no one moved. Sarge looked in to the eyes of the soldiers and they were solid black. They were lifeless and cold. He takes off back to his tank with no idea of what he saw. He jumps into the tank then shuts the hatch. The rest of his men follow his lead. “Drive to camp.”

“What?” The driver shouted back.

“Drive to camp.” Sarge calmly demanded. The with a flick of a switch they were driving. The rest of the men still haven’t moved as the tank goes past.

“What’s happen?” the gunner asked.

Sarge chuckled. “Hell, if I know.”

The rolled over the metal fence into camp then the tanks stops. “I can’t move.”  Said the driver. Sarge pops open the hatch then looks around to see men looking up at the craft and blocking the way.

“Get as close to the arsenal as you can.” Sarge said then the driver put the tank in reverse while Sarge closed the hatch. The driver gets as close to the arsenal as he could. Sarge opens the hatch. “let’s get as much as we can.” He said before climbing out then the rest of his men did the same. They begin to run back and forth from the arsenal with shells, guns and gun ammo. They had a small stock pile in the tank then they climbed back in. “We are going to shoot that son of bitch down, get to the ridge.” The men begin to yell and beat on the tank. “Clam down” Sarge yelled. “We can cheer when that thing is down.”

The men calmed down then took off to the ridge that over looked the camp.  “Load up.” Sarge said.

The gunner loaded a shell then aim the gun at the craft. “Ready.”


The gunner fires the shell then the tank slammed backwards. Boom was the next sound they heard. Sarge opens the hatch to see the craft falling from the sky. He slams the hatch close. “We got it boys, and let’s get out of here.” He proudly said.

The tanks started to take off at full speed. The ground shook when the craft made impact then the next thing anyone knew they were flying. Everything in the tank started to fly around as they begin to flip. Bang, Bang, Bang. Goes loose bullets as they begin to fire after hitting the tank. The tank slams back down to earth. Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop goes most of the bullets that wasn’t fired.  Every man was it hurt multiple times.  Blood oozed out of their bodies. Sarge sits up then looked at his arm then his stomach to see blood was pouring out. He opened the bottom hatch with his one good arm then climbed out.

The craft was a blazes and the ridge that they were on was gone with rock and boulder around them. He stood up then put pressure on his stomach then started to walk back to camp.  About three steps later he fell then he tried to crawl but he was so weak that he couldn’t. He let out a loud yelled as he turned over to look at the sun for one last time.


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