American Horror Story Predictions E3

I’m starting to theorize on American Horror Story season six. I’m must say that this is the fun part about it. I will be back up my claims with what could be consider proof.

The first theory is that Flora will die and so will Cricket. Why? You might ask. I watch a lot of these paranormal show that has reenactments. If there was a psychic like Cricket, they would try to get him on while we have no cuts to Flora as well. It’s kind a hard to interview a dead person.

My second theory. Flora is in the cellar. Proof, well the man who owned the house before, lived in there for a while. It was only when he left that something happened. Plus, they saw the little girl over the cellar which led them to find it and they never searched it in the show. The cellar could be protected by the word croatoan which could be used as spell to rid evil spirits. Cricket and the feral kids repeated the word.

I know it’s not much but time will tell.

The Lucky One

When I got to heaven, I didn’t think that this was going to be the case.

Let me explain, it started back in 2000 that’s when God had enough. God said “That the people of earth couldn’t be saved anymore. A few cared about doing good, why everyone else just cared about themselves while trying to take advantage of actual problems.”

The funny thing about that is I never considered myself to be one of those people that would get into heaven being I wasn’t a church going person, I didn’t pray that much, I broke eight out of the ten commandments that is unless you don’t count the great commandment of Jesus which I didn’t break it.  I loved God with my heart and soul and I love my neighbor better then myself. Then eight out of twelve isn’t bad but that is up to how you look at it.

Back on earth, we all thought it was mother nature when it was God’s wrath. He created the viruses that killed us, he created the storms and quakes that led us to poison ourselves and his creatures. Don’t worry, us humans did a lot to help out as well. You should know, I hope you watch the news. I didn’t virtue signal on social media when things happened. I just scrolled down and pray. People thought I was cold and heartless but they could see only what’s was in front of them. I wanted to spread love and peace being I didn’t care about what your book said.  I wanted to burden the pain of others being God knows I went through a lot and I could deal with it.

That doesn’t help you on what happen with me. I was the last one to walk through the Gates of Heaven. I guess, I was lucky.  No one knew or stood and watch as the gates shut behind me, the only thing I heard was the crashing of the shutting gate. When the gates were shut, a meteor hit earth shortly after with no warning then the earth became hell.

The one who got away

To make a long story short. It was like any other day with a doctor appointment that they drew blood at. They stuck me and got the blood then I was on my way. A couple days later, I got the call to come back in. I knew it wasn’t going to be good being the doctor said “come in as soon as possible.” I was there with in minutes. That when they told me. “Cancer.” Then I was off to more doctors. When it rains, it pours being they said “3 to 6 months to live.” That was two weeks ago.

I knew that I needed it to try to find this one girl from two years ago and I kicked myself for not getting her number. It was a crazy dream. We met being the two of us got stuck in an elevator for like forty-five minutes on vacation. She was buzzing while I was carrying a two bottles of whiskey. I was going to get tore up with the boys in the room while she was going out with her friends. The two of us started talking then a bottle got opened. Music got played but by the time we were about to get close to dance. Wouldn’t you know, the damn elevator got fixed. But I got her to come up with her friends. Her name was Emily. She was the one that got way but I always had the photo to remember her. I posted that being I wanted to see her again with the only picture of us on social media as like a last request but I never knew that it would take off. I couldn’t get through all of the messages and there are some sick people being they pretended to be her. That was ten days ago.

My friends that took the vacation with me got a message from her. She sent pictures of us and her friends. I knew that she must have been real. She wanted to see me again. Apparently, she liked me a lot but she couldn’t fly out being she was eight months preggers.  So she wanted me to come to her. I couldn’t wait. I didn’t get the message until I was off of the national news. Who would have thought that a dying man trying to see a woman he met once would be news worthy?  That was a week ago.

It was hard to leave the house after that especially at the airport. People treated me different. I got free tickets from the airline if I made a post on social media about them. Which was a no brainer. The hostesses would stop and take pictures with me. One of them posted that we were going to Lincoln Nebraska. The airport was packed and I could barely move. I didn’t get why people wanted to see me. I found my hotel and stayed in my room. My stomach was in knots and I had big one in there already. That was yesterday.

We went out to dinner, just the two of us. It was something sweet and romantic. It felt like a date but I didn’t care, I was seeing her with her baby gut. People didn’t bother us as much. While at dinner something unexpected happen. Her water broke. We ran out of there and I gave the waiter a hundred. I was driving with her screaming in my ear. Luckily, we got pulled over being a cop which gave us an escort to the hospital. I stayed with her until the baby daddy came. It’s kind a funny being both times we have been together some crazy happen. Her family and friends started to show up. Some of them noticed me and we talked awhile. The baby boy was born safe and healthy but she wasn’t out of the woods. I had to step out and stretched my legs. I took a stroll around the hospital. I was stabbed to death on that stroll by someone. It’s weird seeing your lifeless body. I was waiting for a beam a light but that didn’t happen. I walked back into the hospital then I walked up to where she was at. When I entered her room was when a loud long beep and panic happened then I saw her rise up from her body. She looked just like that night, she smiled when she saw me then gave me a kiss. Wouldn’t you know, that bright light came down for the both of us. That was today, my last day on earth. I guess we was meant to die in that elevator.