The Lucky One

When I got to heaven, I didn’t think that this was going to be the case.

Let me explain, it started back in 2000 that’s when God had enough. God said “That the people of earth couldn’t be saved anymore. A few cared about doing good, why everyone else just cared about themselves while trying to take advantage of actual problems.”

The funny thing about that is I never considered myself to be one of those people that would get into heaven being I wasn’t a church going person, I didn’t pray that much, I broke eight out of the ten commandments that is unless you don’t count the great commandment of Jesus which I didn’t break it.  I loved God with my heart and soul and I love my neighbor better then myself. Then eight out of twelve isn’t bad but that is up to how you look at it.

Back on earth, we all thought it was mother nature when it was God’s wrath. He created the viruses that killed us, he created the storms and quakes that led us to poison ourselves and his creatures. Don’t worry, us humans did a lot to help out as well. You should know, I hope you watch the news. I didn’t virtue signal on social media when things happened. I just scrolled down and pray. People thought I was cold and heartless but they could see only what’s was in front of them. I wanted to spread love and peace being I didn’t care about what your book said.  I wanted to burden the pain of others being God knows I went through a lot and I could deal with it.

That doesn’t help you on what happen with me. I was the last one to walk through the Gates of Heaven. I guess, I was lucky.  No one knew or stood and watch as the gates shut behind me, the only thing I heard was the crashing of the shutting gate. When the gates were shut, a meteor hit earth shortly after with no warning then the earth became hell.


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