American Horror Story Predictions E3

I’m starting to theorize on American Horror Story season six. I’m must say that this is the fun part about it. I will be back up my claims with what could be consider proof.

The first theory is that Flora will die and so will Cricket. Why? You might ask. I watch a lot of these paranormal show that has reenactments. If there was a psychic like Cricket, they would try to get him on while we have no cuts to Flora as well. It’s kind a hard to interview a dead person.

My second theory. Flora is in the cellar. Proof, well the man who owned the house before, lived in there for a while. It was only when he left that something happened. Plus, they saw the little girl over the cellar which led them to find it and they never searched it in the show. The cellar could be protected by the word croatoan which could be used as spell to rid evil spirits. Cricket and the feral kids repeated the word.

I know it’s not much but time will tell.


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