The Man on the porch

Let me tell you a story, it’s about a boy that I knew. He was something else but first let me set it up for you. I met this guy named Aaron, He was a nice-looking guy that was a sweet talker. He invited me over to hang out with his friends on a Saturday night. There was a connection between us and neither one of us could denied it. So, I drove over to his house and cars filled up the drive way. I found a place to park then got out and walked up to the front of the house to hear soft country being played while he sat on the swing with bottle of whiskey and cooler. He was ugly and he smiled when I approached him. “Is Aaron here?” I asked.

“Yeah, He’s inside, you want me to get him?” He asked. I shook my head no. “Go on In, that’s where they are partying at.” I walked in to a loud party and Aaron was quick to greet me.

“You want a beer?” He asked. I nodded my head yes then he started introducing me to everyone but the guy outside. When I left later that night, he was already gone. The next week, we went out to the clubs and the week after that was the bars but that guy didn’t show up.

The next gathering at the house, he was there on the front porch with a cooler and country music going. I walked in without saying a word to him.  I walked over to Aaron. “Who’s the guy outside?” I asked.

Aaron chuckled. “That’s Blake. Didn’t you meet him?” He asked. I shook my head no. “Come on.” He said before walking outside to Blake. “Blake this is Cindy, my girlfriend.”

Blake chuckled. “Well, I figured that from the first time we met being she asked for you.” He takes a sip of his drink. “Ya’ll want some?” Both of us shook our heads no. “I will be out here then.”

The two of us walked back inside. “Why does he sit out there?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Aaron chuckled.

“You haven’t asked?”

Aaron smirked. “He knows where to find us, like we know where to find him.” I didn’t press to much further into the subject being I didn’t care, I just wanted to party.

The next week, we were back at the house partying and Blake was in his spot. Neither one of said a word to each other but I figured that going to change. I grabbed a beer then kissed Aaron before heading back outside. “Blake” I said as he looks up. “Why don’t you come in.”

He chuckles. “It’s too loud.”

“Then why come here?”

He grins. “My friends are here. “

I started to think that he needed new friends. “Okay, I was just curious” I said before going back in back to see Aaron. “Blake is a weird one.” I told him.

He grins. “Yeah but once you get to know him, he’s less.”

For the next three weeks, we went to the clubs and bars while Blake didn’t show. I guess since he called the house loud, it made since why he didn’t show up to the bars and clubs. If we went somewhere else, Blake would have shown up and I know that.

At the next house party, Blake was in the same spot even though it was getting colder out. I decided to get a beer and talked to him. It was an odd feeling to have a plan for a party. I sat across from him. “Blake” I said. “How are you doing?”

“Good, so did you start smoking?”

I wanted to get up leave being he could think something like that. “Why would you think that?”

“The last time you talked with me, you were to the point and hanging in the door way.” He said. “Plus that how’s most smokers start out a conversation and they sit in that spot.”

I glance to the see an ash tray with butts in it so it was a logical thought process. “Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked.

He starts dying laughing while smacking his knee before calming back down. “That’s a funny joke and no.”

“There’s are plenty of girls in the house why don’t you come in a meet them.” He chuckled at the statement. “Are you gay then?” I asked.

He smiled. “No, I’m not but I already met them. Hell, most of them fucked someone in the party. By the end of the year, I will be on you mind more than Aaron.” He said proudly while I thought I doubt it. “If I wanted to, I could fuck about three of them tonight but I won’t. You will be the same way being there’s a good time and chance at love.”

“No I won’t” I told him.

He smiled. “I hope for your sake that you don’t end up like them.” The door open and another girl walks out. “Hey, you know Cindy, Aaron’s girlfriend, right?” She shakes her head yes. “What do you want?”

“You want a beer or something?” She asked.

He raised up his glass. “I’m good. But thanks anyways.” She walks back inside. “That’s one of the three.” Without take a breath to change the subject.  “So what do you find so fulfilling about partying every weekend?” He asked.

“It’s fun” I said.

Blake just shook his head in disapproval. “Doing the same thing every weekend is fun, that would drive me nuts.”

“Why do you sit on the porch every party?” I asked.

He exhales. “I’m like Jay Gatsby in a sense. I’m waiting for Daisy to talk with me.” That refence went over my head but I got what he meant.

“What about them other girls inside? Could they be your Daisy?”

He takes a sip of his drink. “No, I would be breaking my rules and I don’t break my rules.”

“What rules?”

“I don’t fuck around with a friend’s ex; she must be able to hold a conversation and she got to be able to dance.” I chuckled at the dance part. “Show me how you dance?” He asked. I shook my head no. “Do you need me to help you?” I shook my head no again.

Aaron walks out. “There you are.”

“Hey Aaron, show me how you dance with Cindy.” He said.

Aaron smiled. “We need better music.” He changes it to rap and turns it up. I started grinding up against him. Blake cuts the music. “Why did you asked that?”

Blake smiles. “We was talking about dancing and she wouldn’t dance for me, I asked to help her but I figure you could break her out of her shell.”

Aaron chuckles. “Cindy, you just failed his test, most girls do.”

“What test?” I asked.

Blake shook his head. “I couldn’t date you if you didn’t date him being you can’t dance.”

“That’s modern”

Blake chuckles. “You were dancing, it looked more like fucking being I saw monkeys do the same thing at the zoo.” Aaron snickers. “Aaron, one day I will show you how to dance and to grab a woman then make her melt in your hand but you must change.”

“Show me, how you dance then.” Blake stood up and walked over to me before grabbing my hand then spinning me around. Our eyes met which caused me to melt. We did about three or four steps. I was out of it being my head was spinning while I was thinking of him and that made no sense. Still I don’t know why; I fell for him like I did. It could have been how he came up with confidence or that held me like a princess or treated me with respect.

Aaron and I left him alone after that but my mind stayed on him. That was the last time I saw him while I was dating Aaron. I don’t know if he sat out in the cold and snow or if he quit coming to the parties. It was about April, Aaron invited me out again. I guess, he realized that our connection was physical and nothing else. I went out there, it was awkward but it was fun. Blake wasn’t there and no one knew where he was at. I didn’t go to the clubs with them, I just came to the house like some of the other girls.

The next house party, Blake was there but he wasn’t alone. She was beautiful Asian which caused him not be able take his eyes off her. There was no music or cooler which was odd for him.  I passed them and went into the house. I found Aaron and had to ask “Who’s the chick out there with Blake.”

“Blake has a friend?” He asked confused then I nodded my head yes before he turns off the music. The rest of the party stops and looks at him. “Blake has a female friend outside according to Cindy.” The house ran out every exit.

We flooded the front porch and yard. Blake chuckles as we gather around. He grins “This Li, guys. I met her on set.”

“What set?” Aaron asked.

His grin gets bigger. “I can’t tell you but she’s my girlfriend.” She says something in some other language then he responds which causes her to chuckle.

Everyone is confused other than Blake. “When did you learn a second language?” Asked Aaron.

“That’s not important.” He looks at her then smiles. “She is. My Daisy. I must say that this will be the last party that I will come to for a while and we must get going. It’s funny, I sat out here for a human connection and to talk.”  He stands up then she follows him and we followed her. They got in a shining black car and drove off. After he left, a weird thing happened being we turned off the music and actually talked. We didn’t try to get drunk which a sobering moment for us being we realized that we had nothing in common other than partying. A harsh reality to accept. That was one of the last parties that Aaron had.

Looking back, Blake was the person that you forgot about until he showed you his true self to you then he was a different person. It was hard to keep up with him being he didn’t post on social media because it didn’t feel real to him. I didn’t have his number and only way to get a hold of him was to call him. He was a minor character in my life but he’s one that I can never forget.


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