My last words?

How should I start this story without sounding like I’m crazy. Let’s start with my friend and his name is Max Jones Jr. I met him in high school and we never clicked in high school, it was until after school that we did. The reason that we clicked was because that we got the same job after high school  and was put on the same crew. Our job is simple, put items on the line then scan them before packaging them up to ship. Our lead is a 24-year-old a name, Alan Larson. He keeps us motivated while is a big brother to us. I’m not going to get into the rest of the crew but you get the picture. We’re a well-kept machine that runs like clockwork.

The other day, I was at the Kentucky War Museum being they had a new exhibit about WW2. It was an interesting exhibit being every person was connected to Kentucky. They had a large display about a B-17 named Miss Kentucky including the bomber jacket. It had a blonde pin-up girl with Kentucky as the background. There were crew photos and letters from home even a monitor that had a special about it. I didn’t pay attention to it until I heard my last name. “Woodham.” So, I started watching it. An old man about 70 popped up with the last name of Larson. “Miss Kentucky, got her name being we all was from Kentucky.” He said. “By the thirteen mission, She was out of the war.” A picture flashes up on the screen of the old man as a soldier. He looked like my boss and it’s weird. “I was 24 at the time, flying a b-17 of Nazi territory, it was different than flying the crop duster from back home that’s for sure.” He said. “I felt sorry, for Pvt. Woodham, he was the ball gunner so he was cooped up, plus he had the biggest balls of the crew for hanging upside down like that. Hell, I down know how he did it.”  He chuckled.

My limited knowledge about B-17’s allowed me to understand that this Pvt. Woodham was at the bottom of the plane being that is where the ball gunner is located at. He was probably, the easy to hit out of the crew as well. I figured that he was the most exposed to enemy fire the most but I could be wrong.

“The Tail Gunner, Jones hung with Woodham. They had some sort of connection whether they were from the same city or high school or knew the same people, I don’t know which.” He chuckles. “Jones had a birthday so, I took them out the celebrate, Woodham and Jones got into a fist fight with a British aircrew.” Larson lets out a sigh. “Woodham died on his birthday. He was 20.” A tear rolls down his face. “Miss Kentucky and Jones died on that day as well.”

I had to walk away from the monitor being it was starting to get weird. Tomorrow is my 20th birthday, everything about that b-17 crew reminded me of my work crew. I know, It sounds crazy but the impossible happens, strange things occur and there is proof of reincarnation. So, I’m a little leery about going to work but it’s a job.

If this post goes up, then I’m hurt or dead thus adding proof that history repeats itself.  Chances are that I’m dead. I could stay home but it could turn out like the time machine movie from a few years ago, No matter what I do, I will die.


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