The Choice Pt 1

Chapter One:

O Holy night might fit this Christmas Eve night, just right. I was laying in my bed with one hand trying to keep my phone upright on my chest while my other hand rubbing my dick. Watching two of my favorite Asian lesbians fucking each other underneath a Christmas tree, it just seems right. Each one had something about her that drove me wild. One had long coal black hair with bright pink tips while tattoos cover her body. Being the low life that I’m, I follow her on social media and technically that’s how I found her. Her porn name is Lea Son. The other girl has long coal black hair that she keeps in a ponytail, and she has few tattoos. I found her through social media as well, and her porn name is Miko Pus. I don’t know how I found these young women on social media that are only a year or two younger than me being I’m 22. If you must know, I got off to them.

The next thing that I did was to check social media before I clean myself off. There’re a couple of local girls that I keep tabs on. One was a close friend of mine, but she got married, and her name will always be B Williams to me. I don’t play nice with her hubby being he an asshole that knows she picked me over him. I told her to go back to him being he made her happy, and I would be okay without her. That was the worst mistake that I ever made and one of the greatest lies I ever told. I just go on her feed to make sure that he is treating her right and to see that smile. It makes me feel better when I see it.  The next girl I check is sweet Allie. We met at a party back in high school; she was drunk while I had a buzz going, we kind of hit off, but I never pulled the trigger being I had no job or car and I wanted to focus on school more. That was at least five years ago. She is so beautiful it’s hard not to go on her page and not to look at her chestnut brown hair or her huge titties.

I exit out of the social media app to use my phone as a flashlight, so I don’t trip in my messy room. My feet touch the ice cold hardwood floor. I quickly drop my jizzed stained underwear and uses them to clean myself off then I toss them over to the dirty clothes pile that is in the corner of my room. I start my way over to my dresser when a white piece of fabric caught my eye. I don’t own anything that’s white being every time I do; I make a mess of it, so I slowly raise my phone up. The white fabric just keeps on going like a dress. Two fingertips appeared, so I quickly shine my phone up until I saw a face. She has long blonde hair with big blue eyes. “Who are you?” I asked.

She smiled. “I’m your guardian Angel.”

The statement caught me off guard. “Ok, Angel, what did I just watch on my phone?”

The Angel rubs her forehead while looking down at the floor. “Lea Son and Miko Pus having sex underneath a Christmas tree then you looked at B’s and Allie’s social medias pages.”

I thought to myself that I must be dreaming. “I’m going to put on some pants then turn on the light, then get back in my bed then you can take me up to heaven or down to hell.” She chuckled at what I said. “Let me on some pants being I don’t want my mom to find me naked.” I turned away and quickly walked over to my dresser. I reached in and grabbed the first pair of underwear I felt then start to slide it on. The lights came on while I was pulling up a pair of sleep pants. I looked over at the switch. There she was in a long white dress with no wings.

“I didn’t come here to kill you,” She said. “I came here to offer you a chance at love.”

“What?” I said confused. “Let’s sit on my bed.” I was still trying to figure out what she meant by love if it was true love or finding a soulmate or happiness. I sat up against my headboard while she sat at the foot of the bed.

She looks at me.  “I know everything that you have done in your life. Like the time with B and her husband, you told her to go back to him even though it hurt you more than you want to omit or when you told your mom to stay with your step dad being of your little sister. Or how you are ready to do anything for anybody and you don’t expect nothing in return.”

I look up at her. “Yeah, so. Isn’t that what you do for the people you love.” She grabs my hand, and her hand was soft as silk. “I will find someone to love, but being alone isn’t that bad.”

She smiles at me while rubbing her thumb across my hand. “You should be dead, but somehow you beat God at life that’s why you want to kill yourself being that God has nothing else planned for you.”

“Wait!” I quickly said. “God has nothing else for me to do with my life.” She nods her head yes. “This is why that little voice in my head, keeps on telling me to do that.”  She moves closer to me than wraps her arm around me. “Where’s the best place to do that?” I asked being I was late and should be in heaven.

“No, God sees something else in you now, something better.” She said. “God wants to make up to you, there’s are five people that are your life mates, that’s large being most people has one or two, three if they’re lucky. The lucky ones are destined to be with them and haven’t messed up their life yet. The unlucky ones find them after they are happy with the life that they built. Then their people like you, the ones that die young.”

I zoned out after that. Hearing that you were supposed to die young is a shock. I figured God would have killed me if he wanted me dead but he is making it up to me with five choices within life mates, whatever that means. Question after question started to fill my head then she began to shake me, and I came back to her.

“Did you hear me?” She asked. I shook my head no. “What was last thing you heard.”

I stared at her deep blue eyes. “You are one of the ones that die young.”

She places her hand on my cheek. “You will meet them and then spend some time with them. When you chose the one, you will never know that this has happen. Don’t worry I’ll be there to help you along.”


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