The Choice Pt 2

Chapter two:

I awoke with the sun shining in my face with the alarm clock ringing. I look around my room and everything seems to be in the right place. What a messed up the dream, I thought. My feet touch the rather warm hardwood floor as I got out of bed. I bent over and slid on some gym shorts that are on the ground and grab the tee shirt that is next to it. I put on the shirt while I’m walking to the door.

My stomach leads me straight to the kitchen and to fridge. I open the fridge door to see there’s nothing in the refrigerator that I wanted, so I check the freezer. The pizza that’s in there looks good, but I don’t want to fool with oven and the pizza pan. Time was another thing being I had to get to the bathroom to shower and get ready the craziest day of the year. The sound of a motor running caught my attention. Did we get snow? I thought to myself as I shut the door the freezer. I peek out the window to see my neighbor shirtless on his riding mower cutting grass. Shit, it’s too early for me to be dreaming about Christmas. I turn back to the freezer to see her standing right there with a smile on her face.

“What do you think?” The Angel asked.

It took me a good ten seconds at least to get a thought through my head. “What’s the date?” I asked being I was home in Louisville Kentucky.

“June 25, 2011” She smiled. “You’re a college boy, now.”

“Bubbie,” A voice said from behind me. I turned to see my kid sister standing there with her hair in pigtails. “Can you take me to Jenny’s house being you are going to that thing by her house.”

I look to the Angel. “Yeah, the new exhibit at the museum that is by her house.” She said. “Just take her.”

I turn back to my little sister. “Yeah, let me get ready.” I walked to the bathroom quickly then pulled out a towel and put it on the sink ledge. Ice cold water came out of the shower head as I turned it on. So I backed up so I wouldn’t freeze my nuts off. A silk feeling thing happened to run across my back. I spun around to see the Angel standing there looking like a doll with no nipples or pussy with a shower cap on.

“Really?” I said. She shook her head yes. “So, you have nothing but a mouth.” She nodded yes. “Get my back for me then.” She just nodded as I turned back around to quickly wash my hair and body.

I stepped out of the shower and headed to my room with a towel on. There was the Angel with my underwear in her hand as I opened the door. She tosses them at me. “Put these on.” She said rushed. I slip them on as she started going through my shirts and pants then throws a shirt and shorts at me. I quickly put on the shirt and shorts. “What’s the rush?” I asked her.

“Nothing, I’m saving you from a fall.” She said.

I bend over and pick up the wet towel then threw it into the dirty clothes hamper that’s out in the hallway. I walk past the angel then falls flat on my face. “Fucking socks,” I said. She drops a pair of socks in front of my face. I sit up then grab the socks and quickly put them on. I stand up then step into my shoes.


Chapter Three:

Hard Rock is playing softly as my little sister is bored with music. I drive around for a while being I can’t find the stupid street that the girl lives on. I finally make it on the street and finding her was easy being she was playing in the yard with a few other little girls, so I pulled in. My little sister was out of the car like a jackrabbit. The door slams shut then I pulled out of the drive and was on my way to the exhibit. I could tell that the Angel was sitting in the next to me. Her white dress caught the corner of my eye. “Do you want Mexican?” She asked.

“No, I don’t care for Mexican,” I responded.

“You want to stop at this Mexican food truck.” She adamantly said. “You want the meat and Cheese burrito that they have.”

I adamantly replied. “No, I don’t care for Mexican.”

She grabs my face, so I’m looking her in the eyes. “You are going to stop at the Mexican food truck and get something to eat.” She ordered me before letting go of my face then the food truck came into view. I pulled off when I saw the food truck. The food truck was a hunk of junk being of the rust, and the back bumper was missing. I got out of the car. A meat and cheese burrito didn’t sound half, but I wasn’t going to admit that to her. As I got to the food truck the loud salsa music started to play.

A Mexican man that is covered in tattoos with a thick accent is at the window. “What do you want?”

I smiled “A meat and cheese burrito.”

He turns and yells something in Spanish. He turns back to me “That will be two dollars” He said. I handed him the two dollars. They were quick being I turned my head for a second. “Senior,” He told me to get my attention. The burrito is on my face as I turned around. I quickly take a bite before I turned around. It was the worst thing that I’ve had ever ate. I started to walk away to throw away the nasty burrito then a tiny white car pulls in with a flat tire. I was tossed the burrito away as a long legged woman stepped out in short shorts with long brown hair. She starts looking at the flat then kicks the tire as I walk over to her.

“You need some help?” I asked.

She turns around to look at me. It was Allie. “Do I know you?” She asked trying to figure out who I was. “Your face seems so familiar.”

I smiled. “Allie isn’t it?” I said being I knew that it was her and I was stalking her profile, but that was beside the point. She shook her head yes. “We met at a party, but you were three sheets to the wind.”

She smiled at me then laughed. “I’m sorry that I don’t remember you. What’s your name?”

“People call me, Jay but my name is Josh,” I said. “You need help?” I asked to be a gentleman and since I knew how to change a tire being it’s not that hard.

“Yeah, do you know how to change a flat?” She asked.

I smiled as I shook my head yes. “Only, if I can take you out to dinner?” I told her trying to be slick.

She looked at the tire then looked back at me. “When can you?”

I didn’t think that it would work, but it did, and I would have changed the tire anyhow being I wasn’t going to leave sweet Allie with the Mexicans. “The better question is when can you?” I asked.

“I can’t tonight, being I’m going to see the new exhibit at the museum.” She said. I just chuckled. “What’s so funny?” she asked.

“That’s where I’m heading now,” I said. “So if after you want to?” She nodded yes, and I knew I was in. “Pop, the trunk and I will get everything done.” She unlocks the trunk, and we walk back to her messy trunk. Allie starts looking around in the trunk.

She can’t find the spare or the jack. She walks around to the other side of her car then looks at the tire. “Shit, the spare is on the car.” Allie looks at me. “Gimme me a sec.”

She climbs back into her car while I walk over to the Angel. “Allie is one of them.” The Angel nods her head yes.

“So is that why I been stalking her?” The Angel nods her head again. “Can you say something?”

The Angel smiles. “Here she comes.”

I turn around to see she was getting out of her car. I walk back over to her. “So, what’s the verdict?” I asked.

“My dad and brother are coming up with a spare, and they are going to change it,” Allie said.

I look back to the food truck, and three guys are eyeing her. “Do you mind if I wait with you?” she shakes her head no. “So, I guess you’re off the hook then?” I chuckled. She gives me a confused looked. “Since I ain’t changing your tire.”

She chuckles. “If you want, you still can” I give her a slight nod yes. “My brother can drive the car home if you want to drive me there.” A bright red truck and green sports car pull in and over to us. “You can follow me home then we can head out being I just live up the road.”

A short fat older man climbs out of the red truck while young man about twenty-something with sunglasses climbs out of the green sports car. The young man grabs the tire out of the bed of the truck. He begins to push the tire over to us. Allie hugs the short fat man than the younger man. “Thanks ya’ll for bringing the tire to me.” She said.

Her dad looks at me. “Who’s this?” He asked as he was sizing me up.

“This is Josh; he was going to help me with the flat, but I didn’t have a spare.” She said as her brother is jacking up the car. I stuck out my hand, and he shook it. “Follow me back home.” She was able to get out.

“For what?” Her dad asked as he starts to take off the lug nut from the tire.

“He,” she said.

Her dad interrupts. “Nah, I want to hear it from sunny over there.”

I cleared my throat. “Well, we are going to the same place then getting something to eat,” I said.

Her dad stands up while her brother starts to eye me over his sunglasses. I was waiting for something to go down. He turns to Allie. “Really, you just met him.” She shakes her head no. “You’re old enough to make your decisions, don’t come home knocked up.”

The Angel is just laughing by her dad. “No I didn’t just meet him; we have some mutual friends,” Allie said. Her brother looks back to the tire. “I’m not like dumbass over there.”

Her brother looks up at Allie. “Leave me out of this” He demanded.

Her dad raised his voice. “Shut it, the two of you.” Allie’s father rips off the tire. “Tire, Boy” Her brother rolls over the spare tire to her dad. Her father puts the new tire on and starts to tight the lug nuts up. Her brother grabs the flat tire and then puts in the truck.

Allie walks over to me. “Sorry about that scene.” She said.

I smiled “It’s fine, and I get what dad was saying somewhat.” Her father lowers her car. “Follow you home then” She nods yes. I head back to my car while the Angel is sitting in the passenger seat. I climb in the car.



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