The Choice Pt 3

Chapter Four:

I climb into the passenger seat of a two-seater sports car. The Angel is sitting on my lap. It’s pitch black outside. She whispers in my ear. “It’s February 13th, 2015; this is Los Angeles, the guy that going to climb in the car is your dorm mate, AJ. Y’all are going to Club Sin.” She said. I looked down, and I was in a long sleeve dress shirt and jeans. “The two of ya’ll are in film school.” The car door opens, and a tall, thin man with short brown hair climbs in. “Ready to party on, I got a booth for us,” AJ said.

He starts the car then revs the engine a few times before we take off as some shitty pop music is coming out of the radio. “Right now these bitches are going to be so fucking horny being they need someone to love on since tomorrow is Valentine’s day.” He turns to me. “If you leave, Jay, text me and if you’re fucking put a sock on the door.” He faces the road and floors the gas.

It took us no time to get to Club Sin. People are lined up around the building as we drive past. He pulls in the parking lot then parks in a spot that’s marked VIP 13. He hangs a small thing on the rearview mirror that reads VIP 13. The Angel has disappeared from my lap and is behind the car.

AJ and I step out of the car then head towards the club. The music can be heard from the outside. I followed AJ up to the bouncer. The bouncer nods his head, and we walked in.

The club is dark with flashing lights with loud shitty club music. People are grinding up against each other while spilling drinks. I follow him to a table that’s in the back. We stick out hands, and they stamp them with a 13 then we headed to a table. We sit down as we look out to the floor. “My Pop’s own this place, so the drinks are free.” He yelled. “Only let girls sit here with us.” He turns to the bar then back to me. “Whiskey and Coke right?” I nod yes. “I’ll be back.” AJ takes off to the bar.

The Angel grabs my hand and whispers. “Go on to the floor, by the support beam.” AJ is coming back with a beer in one hand and my drink in the other. He sits down and gives me my drink. I take a slip, and it was so refreshing. We started out to the floor. AJ went nuts grinding a dancing with people while I just watched him. I stood there for a while with the Angel next to me.

A woman with long coal black hair and a red dress with a slit came over to me and grabs hold of me as a guy is right behind her. He goes back in the pit of people. “Sorry,” she said in my ear. I pulled out my phone and type in you want to sit down? “Yeah,” She said. We head back to the booth then sits down. She looked so familiar, but I couldn’t place where she was from. She pulls out her phone from her bra. She types in Thanks. I smiled. I type in my phone; I’m Jay Jackson.

She types in her cell, I’m Miko Chan. It’s hit me who she was then I knew that it was Miko Pus. One of my choices is a porn star; I knew God was looking out for me then. She types in her phone. What do you do?

I respond with film school student and you? She looks at me a shakes her head no. I knew she wasn’t going to tell me and that was okay being that wasn’t something tell someone you first meet. The lights came on, and the music stops as security is trying to break up a fight. “I don’t care for these types of places,” I said.

“Why are you here then,” She asked softly.

I smiled. “I came for a friend of mine. Do you come to these places a lot?”

Miko shakes her head no. “We wrapped up today, and a group of us was coming, so I tagged along. This is not my type of place either?” She said. “You wanna leave and get something to eat?”

I just grinned. “Yeah, I got to text someone.”  AJ walks up to us right before I hit send on my phone.

“Well shit, you’re smoother than I thought.” He turns to Miko. “Do you have any friends I can meet.”

Two girls that are barely dressed walks over. “There you’re Miko.” One said. They look at Me and AJ over. “Who are these two?” She asked.

Miko smiled. “This Jay and his friend.”

“That’s AJ, and we were about ready to leave,” I said getting out of the booth. “I’ll take good care of your friend if you take good care of mine.”

Miko follows me out of the booth. “Have fun ya’ll,” She said right before the music started playing again and the lights dim.

Chapter Five:

I was back in Louisville being I was in my room. So I checked outside, and it was lightly snowing. The Angel is sitting at the foot of my bed. “What gives? I can’t have one night with these girls?” I asked upset.

The Angel gently grabs my face. “Look, I know this is hard for you, but it happens all of the time. It’s called the doorway effect.” She said. “It’s you should remember this night.”

Ding Ding goes my phone. I grab my phone to see a text from B saying can you come over? Then I toss my phone on the bed. “This night again?” I asked. The Angel shook her

head yes. My fist started to hit my pillows as hard as I could then stop after I hit the bed frame being it hurt. “I can’t do this again. The first time it nearly killed me.” I said. The Angel had my phone in her hand and started texting.

“You’re going, and that’s that. Relive the night but don’t leave.”

“Fine, so when I will I doorway?” I asked.

The Angel smiled. “At her place.” She hands me my phone. “Get going” I took off out of my room than the house like a jackrabbit. My car door almost flew off the hinges before I jerked back shut.

The drive was the quickest ever to her house being I wanted to get this night over as soon as I could. The mix of dread and excitement started to come over me. The night wasn’t that bad until her boyfriend showed up that was when it went to hell.

I walked up to the door and was greeted with a smile and a hug by her mom. I felt like a kid again. Her dad walks in and shakes my hand before walking out. B came up to me, in her black sweats and old tee shirt but still looked as good as ever. She hugged me, and I was in heaven, it has been too long since I had one of those hugs. B leads me downstairs then over to long couch which we had some fun times on it. The flat screen T.V. flicker on. She laid her head on my shoulder. I knew that her phone was going to off in a few seconds. “I’m not here if he texts,” I told her.

B gives me a smirk then her phone goes off. She looks at me after checking her phone. “Your physic huh” She joked as she texted him back. “I told him that you are here.” I just shook my head being I know that he was going to be on his way. “I don’t know why the two of you don’t get along.” She said. I wasn’t going to tell her why we didn’t get along being it was simple. He knows that I’m the biggest threat to him. Her phone rings again, so she texts him back then again. She turns off her phone.

We sat for a while then the footsteps started heading downstairs, and I knew it was him. I looked over at B. “I guess; your mom is checking up on us.” B chuckles. “So, you want to get something to eat and watch the drunks,” I asked.

The light flicks on. We turn around to see her little boyfriend standing there. “What the hell happen to girl’s night?” He angrily asked. “Why is he here?”

B looks at me and mouths sorry before turning back to him. “Go upstairs, and I’ll be up in a minute.” She calmly said.

He stands there then braces himself against the wall. “No” He yelled.

B runs over to his side. “Go up the stairs; we can talk about this later.” She demanded calmly. He shakes his head no then pushes her out of the way. I stand up being I wasn’t going to let him push her around. “Sit, Jay,” B said as going to her boyfriend side. “go upstairs, now,” B demanded. He backs hand her across the face. She falls back into the wall and knocks over a picture which causes the glass to shatter.

I start over to B, but he is blocking my way. “Move, please,” I asked trying to get to B. He shakes his head no. “B, are you okay?” I asked before he pushes me back. He takes a swing but misses. So, I gave him a swift punch to the gut as her parents are coming down. She stands up while trying to avoid the glass from the picture. He swings again but misses. I tripped him so he would fall to the floor. I run over to B as soon as her mom gets down the stairs. Her dad looks and walks over to her boyfriend while I checking to see if B was cut. There a loud smack behind us. B’s father is standing over her knocked out boyfriend.

The next couple of hours was a sight with the police coming in and questioning us. The Angel didn’t speak to me, she just patted people’s back, I guess to calm us down. After the cops had left and we cleaned up the broken glass. Her parents left so it was the two of us in the basement again. I got a good look at B with her faint bruise on her cheek. “I should have left.” I said, “I didn’t want any trouble.”

B shakes her head. “Nah, I shouldn’t have told him you were here, we’re done after this.” She said. “He should’ve known that you wouldn’t do anything to me.”

I look her up and down. “Well, unless you wanted me too,” I said. She stares at me for a few seconds then kisses me. It was nothing but a charge of energy while it seems like it lasted for hours. We break apart after a few seconds.

Our eyes meet after the kiss. “Sorry,” B said. “I wanted to see something.” I just smiled. “So, did it feel right for you too.” I just leaned in and kissed her again then we break apart. “I guess so.”

I stand up. “I will come by tomorrow, and we can talk about this, I want us to have clear heads before we do something stupid,” I said. B stands up and hugs me. The hug wasn’t the same like before; I wanted more. The worst part of it was knowing that it was going to be a temporary memory or it made just seemed like a dream.


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