The Choice Pt 5

Chapter eight:

I was back in my room, Christmas Eve night. The Angel is on my bed. “So, what do you think?”  She asked while I chuckled. “What is it?” She asked.

“So my choices are a pornstar, another chick that looks familiar, so she does porn most likely, a singer, my best friend from childhood and girl that likes to party,” I said. There’s silence while I thought it over being I know this choice isn’t going to be an easy one and I don’t want to mess up this one chance at love. “I know this might be selfish but can I one more shot to feel these girls out,” I asked.

The Angel smiles. “Ok, but this isn’t going to be the happiest things.” She said.

Chapter Nine:

There I was standing in another bedroom. The room okay with white walls and baby blue bedding. The place felt like home for some odd reason; I don’t know why. I couldn’t see the Angel anywhere in the room. I sat on the edge of the bed to calm myself. The door opens. B walks in and sits next to me. She places her head on my shoulder. “I need to tell you something, Jay.” she calmly said. “I did something that I’m not proud of.” I knew then that this was going be bad. “I had an abortion.” She sobbed.

The room seem like it had no oxygen it while I got cold. The only thing I could hear was my heart beat. I don’t know why she would tell me this unless it wasn’t mine.  I stood up to see her face with tears rolling down.

“Did you cheat on me?” I calmly asked. B shook her head no. “Was you or the baby in any harm?” She shook her head no again. A sinking pit forms in my stomach while I try not to throw up. “Why I love you,” I asked as I hit my knees.

She looks at me. “We’re still kids, Hell we can’t raise one in this house.” She said. “I know, I should have talked to you, but I got scared,” B said as she begins to cry in her lap.

I scoot over to her then raise her head up so that I was looking into her big brown eyes. “Don’t get scared again. I’m here for you, always has been and always will be, I love you.” I told her before I gave her a gentle kiss. “I got to get out for a bit, clear my head,” I told as I was standing up then head out of the door.

Chapter Ten:

I was being rolled down a hallway while doctors and nurse looked at me before shining a bright light in my face then snapping their fingers. Taylor comes rushing over then grabs my hand. I notice that her shirt is covered in blood, that’s when I lose mine hearing. A nurse stops her before we go into another doorway.

Chapter Eleven:

There I was in another fancy hotel room with a bottle of wine out. Steff walks in sunglasses on with a rock tee and her hair up. She shuts the door and walks over to the bed then lays down. I gently take off her sunglasses to see her eyes. “After this tour, I’m yours for three months. It sucks being gone from you for so long.” She said. “I’m going to talk with the big boss and see about us officially dating.”

“I’m just glad that ya’ll haven’t made it big here yet,” I told her. She leans in a kisses me. “God, I missed that.”

She smiles. “Being a star isn’t that important when I’m with you.” A Knock on the door. “I got it.” She said as she walks to the door then opens it.

A Tiny Asian man storms in with his cell phone out. “Rin and Jay Jackson together, are the two of ya’ll dating?” He asked before rushing over to the bottle of wine. “Wine? this is huge so, the two of ya’ll must have a romantic night plan.” I get up and is ready to toss him out of the room.

Steff smiles. “No, we’re friends and been since we first met at the awards,” she said while I just nodded my head yes. “He got the wine cus it’s one of my favorites, I’ll be happy to sign anything for you and I know Jay would too. If you leave, please.” She said trying to get him out of the room. He runs out before either of us could grab a pen or knew what happen. She shuts the door then smiles at me. “Well, we’re caught.”

“How in the hell, did he find us here?” I asked as Steff walks over then kisses me. “Let me know what I can do when dealing with this,” I said.

She smiles. “Go to the lobby and talk to the manager for me.” She said. “I will come up with a few other things” I walk out of the room.

Chapter Twelve:

I was walking into a bedroom. There wasn’t much in there other than a bed and clothes. Allie and another guy are in bed. They’re drunker than skunks. They turn around when they see me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her while he jumped out of the window. She was speechless being she was too drunk to function. I was waiting for a ninja to rip my heart out of my chest so I could wake up from this nightmare. “Jay, I’m sorry.” She said.

“Sorry,” I shouted. “That doesn’t even come close, you got a problem and need help.” Allie shakes her head no. “Yes you do, It’s me or the booze.” I finished telling her as I stormed out of the room.


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