The Choice Pt 6

Chapter Thirteen:

The close to the empty bar is dimly lit as I walk out of the bathroom and back over to AJ who is sitting with Miko and some of her cast mates. I wrap my arm around her when I sit down. The next thing I know, three drunk guys and one chick walks over to us. They look at us “Ya’ll look familiar, have we met?” One of the guys slurred. We all shakes our heads no. “You, you and you” He pointed to Miko and her cast mates. “You really do, are you sure?” They shake their heads again. The chick leans over then whispers something in his ear. His face lit up like a light bulb. “Ya’ll are porn stars.” He starts to unzip his fly. “Can one of ya’ll suck me off.” The two guys laugh while the chick is trying to pull him away. It’s an uncomfortable feeling being I was happy that she was getting notice, but she’s with me, so I am protective of her.

AJ stands up. “I will, but I got to fuck you in the ass first.” He proudly joked. It got a good laugh from the cast mates, but Miko and I didn’t. The drunk guy charges at the table while his friends are pulling him back then AJ is just dying laughing. As his friends got the drunk guy away from us, we left being we didn’t want to deal with him again.


Chapter Fourteen:

There I was in my room again while the Angel just stares at me. “Do I change any of their life’s for the better?” I asked. The Angel shakes her head yes. “Who?” I asked.

The Angel shakes her head no. “I can’t tell you,” She said. Before I could open my mouth again. “I can’t tell you about money, happiness or kids” She added.

There goes my next couple of questions then it hits me. “Will any of them not find love in this life?” I asked while she smiles before shaking her head no. I can’t help to look at the Angel while thinking about the other side. “Can I chose not to pick one?” I asked being the status quo wouldn’t be affected too much.

The Angel disappears in a flash of light before reappearing seconds later. “You can but why would you want to?” She asked. “There’s going to be a lot of question when I get back.”

I just smiled at her being it was simple. “Why shall I be happy when it will cost someone else’s happiest,” I told her. “Besides, I got used to being alone; It’s not that hard.” She didn’t know what to say or do. “So, let me get back to sleep, then you can kill me or whatever you got to do,” I said before I walk over to turn off the light before trying to find my bed in the dark.


Chapter Fifteen:

December 26, There I was in a crowded mall alone while I was still thinking about the dream that I had with the blonde Angel. She seemed so real to me, but it was just a dream. The rumble of my stomach told me that I should get something to eat so I let it lead me to the food court. A Loud smack came from behind me, so I turn to see what it was. The next thing I feel is that I bumped into someone. I turned back to see a short blonde hair person on the floor. I extend my hand to help them up. A silky smooth hand grabs mine like in the dream. I assist the person up. She looks up at me. “Have we met before?” She asked.

I shake my head no. “I don’t think so,” I said. “Are you okay?” She shakes her head yes. “Have you ate?” She shakes her head no. “Wanna grabs a bite, on me,” I asked as she smiled.


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