Too much to drink.

Pass the bourbon.

Uh no, it’s gone after a few minutes, it seems.

Killer pain in my stomach and the

Ending wasn’t good.



The night was young and so was I.

He thought with a bottle of whisky in hand. a

Rare occurrence for him.

Overjoyed with a night of fun and

Was planned in his head

Until a rumbling in his stomach

Puke was everywhere.

Class of 2011

Courageous as freshmen,

Lovers or liars as sophomores,

Assholes as Juniors,

Savants of the school as Seniors.

Smell of freedom came with an adventurous spirit

Or being scared to death after we got our diplomas but

Finally life began with

2 dollars to our names,

0 real world experience,

1 fun ride ahead and top it off

1 shot to make the world ours.

Adrienne poem

A love that I can’t put into words and

Death is the only way that I will quit loving you while I’m

Ready to do any for you, just say it.

I’ve loved you since we were kids playing in the backyard

Every day that I see you, time stops while I can

Never forget what you had on

Nor anything that we did.

Entire world goes around you to me.