The Choice Pt 2

Chapter two:

I awoke with the sun shining in my face with the alarm clock ringing. I look around my room and everything seems to be in the right place. What a messed up the dream, I thought. My feet touch the rather warm hardwood floor as I got out of bed. I bent over and slid on some gym shorts that are on the ground and grab the tee shirt that is next to it. I put on the shirt while I’m walking to the door.

My stomach leads me straight to the kitchen and to fridge. I open the fridge door to see there’s nothing in the refrigerator that I wanted, so I check the freezer. The pizza that’s in there looks good, but I don’t want to fool with oven and the pizza pan. Time was another thing being I had to get to the bathroom to shower and get ready the craziest day of the year. The sound of a motor running caught my attention. Did we get snow? I thought to myself as I shut the door the freezer. I peek out the window to see my neighbor shirtless on his riding mower cutting grass. Shit, it’s too early for me to be dreaming about Christmas. I turn back to the freezer to see her standing right there with a smile on her face.

“What do you think?” The Angel asked.

It took me a good ten seconds at least to get a thought through my head. “What’s the date?” I asked being I was home in Louisville Kentucky.

“June 25, 2011” She smiled. “You’re a college boy, now.”

“Bubbie,” A voice said from behind me. I turned to see my kid sister standing there with her hair in pigtails. “Can you take me to Jenny’s house being you are going to that thing by her house.”

I look to the Angel. “Yeah, the new exhibit at the museum that is by her house.” She said. “Just take her.”

I turn back to my little sister. “Yeah, let me get ready.” I walked to the bathroom quickly then pulled out a towel and put it on the sink ledge. Ice cold water came out of the shower head as I turned it on. So I backed up so I wouldn’t freeze my nuts off. A silk feeling thing happened to run across my back. I spun around to see the Angel standing there looking like a doll with no nipples or pussy with a shower cap on.

“Really?” I said. She shook her head yes. “So, you have nothing but a mouth.” She nodded yes. “Get my back for me then.” She just nodded as I turned back around to quickly wash my hair and body.

I stepped out of the shower and headed to my room with a towel on. There was the Angel with my underwear in her hand as I opened the door. She tosses them at me. “Put these on.” She said rushed. I slip them on as she started going through my shirts and pants then throws a shirt and shorts at me. I quickly put on the shirt and shorts. “What’s the rush?” I asked her.

“Nothing, I’m saving you from a fall.” She said.

I bend over and pick up the wet towel then threw it into the dirty clothes hamper that’s out in the hallway. I walk past the angel then falls flat on my face. “Fucking socks,” I said. She drops a pair of socks in front of my face. I sit up then grab the socks and quickly put them on. I stand up then step into my shoes.


Chapter Three:

Hard Rock is playing softly as my little sister is bored with music. I drive around for a while being I can’t find the stupid street that the girl lives on. I finally make it on the street and finding her was easy being she was playing in the yard with a few other little girls, so I pulled in. My little sister was out of the car like a jackrabbit. The door slams shut then I pulled out of the drive and was on my way to the exhibit. I could tell that the Angel was sitting in the next to me. Her white dress caught the corner of my eye. “Do you want Mexican?” She asked.

“No, I don’t care for Mexican,” I responded.

“You want to stop at this Mexican food truck.” She adamantly said. “You want the meat and Cheese burrito that they have.”

I adamantly replied. “No, I don’t care for Mexican.”

She grabs my face, so I’m looking her in the eyes. “You are going to stop at the Mexican food truck and get something to eat.” She ordered me before letting go of my face then the food truck came into view. I pulled off when I saw the food truck. The food truck was a hunk of junk being of the rust, and the back bumper was missing. I got out of the car. A meat and cheese burrito didn’t sound half, but I wasn’t going to admit that to her. As I got to the food truck the loud salsa music started to play.

A Mexican man that is covered in tattoos with a thick accent is at the window. “What do you want?”

I smiled “A meat and cheese burrito.”

He turns and yells something in Spanish. He turns back to me “That will be two dollars” He said. I handed him the two dollars. They were quick being I turned my head for a second. “Senior,” He told me to get my attention. The burrito is on my face as I turned around. I quickly take a bite before I turned around. It was the worst thing that I’ve had ever ate. I started to walk away to throw away the nasty burrito then a tiny white car pulls in with a flat tire. I was tossed the burrito away as a long legged woman stepped out in short shorts with long brown hair. She starts looking at the flat then kicks the tire as I walk over to her.

“You need some help?” I asked.

She turns around to look at me. It was Allie. “Do I know you?” She asked trying to figure out who I was. “Your face seems so familiar.”

I smiled. “Allie isn’t it?” I said being I knew that it was her and I was stalking her profile, but that was beside the point. She shook her head yes. “We met at a party, but you were three sheets to the wind.”

She smiled at me then laughed. “I’m sorry that I don’t remember you. What’s your name?”

“People call me, Jay but my name is Josh,” I said. “You need help?” I asked to be a gentleman and since I knew how to change a tire being it’s not that hard.

“Yeah, do you know how to change a flat?” She asked.

I smiled as I shook my head yes. “Only, if I can take you out to dinner?” I told her trying to be slick.

She looked at the tire then looked back at me. “When can you?”

I didn’t think that it would work, but it did, and I would have changed the tire anyhow being I wasn’t going to leave sweet Allie with the Mexicans. “The better question is when can you?” I asked.

“I can’t tonight, being I’m going to see the new exhibit at the museum.” She said. I just chuckled. “What’s so funny?” she asked.

“That’s where I’m heading now,” I said. “So if after you want to?” She nodded yes, and I knew I was in. “Pop, the trunk and I will get everything done.” She unlocks the trunk, and we walk back to her messy trunk. Allie starts looking around in the trunk.

She can’t find the spare or the jack. She walks around to the other side of her car then looks at the tire. “Shit, the spare is on the car.” Allie looks at me. “Gimme me a sec.”

She climbs back into her car while I walk over to the Angel. “Allie is one of them.” The Angel nods her head yes.

“So is that why I been stalking her?” The Angel nods her head again. “Can you say something?”

The Angel smiles. “Here she comes.”

I turn around to see she was getting out of her car. I walk back over to her. “So, what’s the verdict?” I asked.

“My dad and brother are coming up with a spare, and they are going to change it,” Allie said.

I look back to the food truck, and three guys are eyeing her. “Do you mind if I wait with you?” she shakes her head no. “So, I guess you’re off the hook then?” I chuckled. She gives me a confused looked. “Since I ain’t changing your tire.”

She chuckles. “If you want, you still can” I give her a slight nod yes. “My brother can drive the car home if you want to drive me there.” A bright red truck and green sports car pull in and over to us. “You can follow me home then we can head out being I just live up the road.”

A short fat older man climbs out of the red truck while young man about twenty-something with sunglasses climbs out of the green sports car. The young man grabs the tire out of the bed of the truck. He begins to push the tire over to us. Allie hugs the short fat man than the younger man. “Thanks ya’ll for bringing the tire to me.” She said.

Her dad looks at me. “Who’s this?” He asked as he was sizing me up.

“This is Josh; he was going to help me with the flat, but I didn’t have a spare.” She said as her brother is jacking up the car. I stuck out my hand, and he shook it. “Follow me back home.” She was able to get out.

“For what?” Her dad asked as he starts to take off the lug nut from the tire.

“He,” she said.

Her dad interrupts. “Nah, I want to hear it from sunny over there.”

I cleared my throat. “Well, we are going to the same place then getting something to eat,” I said.

Her dad stands up while her brother starts to eye me over his sunglasses. I was waiting for something to go down. He turns to Allie. “Really, you just met him.” She shakes her head no. “You’re old enough to make your decisions, don’t come home knocked up.”

The Angel is just laughing by her dad. “No I didn’t just meet him; we have some mutual friends,” Allie said. Her brother looks back to the tire. “I’m not like dumbass over there.”

Her brother looks up at Allie. “Leave me out of this” He demanded.

Her dad raised his voice. “Shut it, the two of you.” Allie’s father rips off the tire. “Tire, Boy” Her brother rolls over the spare tire to her dad. Her father puts the new tire on and starts to tight the lug nuts up. Her brother grabs the flat tire and then puts in the truck.

Allie walks over to me. “Sorry about that scene.” She said.

I smiled “It’s fine, and I get what dad was saying somewhat.” Her father lowers her car. “Follow you home then” She nods yes. I head back to my car while the Angel is sitting in the passenger seat. I climb in the car.


The Choice Pt 1

Chapter One:

O Holy night might fit this Christmas Eve night, just right. I was laying in my bed with one hand trying to keep my phone upright on my chest while my other hand rubbing my dick. Watching two of my favorite Asian lesbians fucking each other underneath a Christmas tree, it just seems right. Each one had something about her that drove me wild. One had long coal black hair with bright pink tips while tattoos cover her body. Being the low life that I’m, I follow her on social media and technically that’s how I found her. Her porn name is Lea Son. The other girl has long coal black hair that she keeps in a ponytail, and she has few tattoos. I found her through social media as well, and her porn name is Miko Pus. I don’t know how I found these young women on social media that are only a year or two younger than me being I’m 22. If you must know, I got off to them.

The next thing that I did was to check social media before I clean myself off. There’re a couple of local girls that I keep tabs on. One was a close friend of mine, but she got married, and her name will always be B Williams to me. I don’t play nice with her hubby being he an asshole that knows she picked me over him. I told her to go back to him being he made her happy, and I would be okay without her. That was the worst mistake that I ever made and one of the greatest lies I ever told. I just go on her feed to make sure that he is treating her right and to see that smile. It makes me feel better when I see it.  The next girl I check is sweet Allie. We met at a party back in high school; she was drunk while I had a buzz going, we kind of hit off, but I never pulled the trigger being I had no job or car and I wanted to focus on school more. That was at least five years ago. She is so beautiful it’s hard not to go on her page and not to look at her chestnut brown hair or her huge titties.

I exit out of the social media app to use my phone as a flashlight, so I don’t trip in my messy room. My feet touch the ice cold hardwood floor. I quickly drop my jizzed stained underwear and uses them to clean myself off then I toss them over to the dirty clothes pile that is in the corner of my room. I start my way over to my dresser when a white piece of fabric caught my eye. I don’t own anything that’s white being every time I do; I make a mess of it, so I slowly raise my phone up. The white fabric just keeps on going like a dress. Two fingertips appeared, so I quickly shine my phone up until I saw a face. She has long blonde hair with big blue eyes. “Who are you?” I asked.

She smiled. “I’m your guardian Angel.”

The statement caught me off guard. “Ok, Angel, what did I just watch on my phone?”

The Angel rubs her forehead while looking down at the floor. “Lea Son and Miko Pus having sex underneath a Christmas tree then you looked at B’s and Allie’s social medias pages.”

I thought to myself that I must be dreaming. “I’m going to put on some pants then turn on the light, then get back in my bed then you can take me up to heaven or down to hell.” She chuckled at what I said. “Let me on some pants being I don’t want my mom to find me naked.” I turned away and quickly walked over to my dresser. I reached in and grabbed the first pair of underwear I felt then start to slide it on. The lights came on while I was pulling up a pair of sleep pants. I looked over at the switch. There she was in a long white dress with no wings.

“I didn’t come here to kill you,” She said. “I came here to offer you a chance at love.”

“What?” I said confused. “Let’s sit on my bed.” I was still trying to figure out what she meant by love if it was true love or finding a soulmate or happiness. I sat up against my headboard while she sat at the foot of the bed.

She looks at me.  “I know everything that you have done in your life. Like the time with B and her husband, you told her to go back to him even though it hurt you more than you want to omit or when you told your mom to stay with your step dad being of your little sister. Or how you are ready to do anything for anybody and you don’t expect nothing in return.”

I look up at her. “Yeah, so. Isn’t that what you do for the people you love.” She grabs my hand, and her hand was soft as silk. “I will find someone to love, but being alone isn’t that bad.”

She smiles at me while rubbing her thumb across my hand. “You should be dead, but somehow you beat God at life that’s why you want to kill yourself being that God has nothing else planned for you.”

“Wait!” I quickly said. “God has nothing else for me to do with my life.” She nods her head yes. “This is why that little voice in my head, keeps on telling me to do that.”  She moves closer to me than wraps her arm around me. “Where’s the best place to do that?” I asked being I was late and should be in heaven.

“No, God sees something else in you now, something better.” She said. “God wants to make up to you, there’s are five people that are your life mates, that’s large being most people has one or two, three if they’re lucky. The lucky ones are destined to be with them and haven’t messed up their life yet. The unlucky ones find them after they are happy with the life that they built. Then their people like you, the ones that die young.”

I zoned out after that. Hearing that you were supposed to die young is a shock. I figured God would have killed me if he wanted me dead but he is making it up to me with five choices within life mates, whatever that means. Question after question started to fill my head then she began to shake me, and I came back to her.

“Did you hear me?” She asked. I shook my head no. “What was last thing you heard.”

I stared at her deep blue eyes. “You are one of the ones that die young.”

She places her hand on my cheek. “You will meet them and then spend some time with them. When you chose the one, you will never know that this has happen. Don’t worry I’ll be there to help you along.”

My last words?

How should I start this story without sounding like I’m crazy. Let’s start with my friend and his name is Max Jones Jr. I met him in high school and we never clicked in high school, it was until after school that we did. The reason that we clicked was because that we got the same job after high school  and was put on the same crew. Our job is simple, put items on the line then scan them before packaging them up to ship. Our lead is a 24-year-old a name, Alan Larson. He keeps us motivated while is a big brother to us. I’m not going to get into the rest of the crew but you get the picture. We’re a well-kept machine that runs like clockwork.

The other day, I was at the Kentucky War Museum being they had a new exhibit about WW2. It was an interesting exhibit being every person was connected to Kentucky. They had a large display about a B-17 named Miss Kentucky including the bomber jacket. It had a blonde pin-up girl with Kentucky as the background. There were crew photos and letters from home even a monitor that had a special about it. I didn’t pay attention to it until I heard my last name. “Woodham.” So, I started watching it. An old man about 70 popped up with the last name of Larson. “Miss Kentucky, got her name being we all was from Kentucky.” He said. “By the thirteen mission, She was out of the war.” A picture flashes up on the screen of the old man as a soldier. He looked like my boss and it’s weird. “I was 24 at the time, flying a b-17 of Nazi territory, it was different than flying the crop duster from back home that’s for sure.” He said. “I felt sorry, for Pvt. Woodham, he was the ball gunner so he was cooped up, plus he had the biggest balls of the crew for hanging upside down like that. Hell, I down know how he did it.”  He chuckled.

My limited knowledge about B-17’s allowed me to understand that this Pvt. Woodham was at the bottom of the plane being that is where the ball gunner is located at. He was probably, the easy to hit out of the crew as well. I figured that he was the most exposed to enemy fire the most but I could be wrong.

“The Tail Gunner, Jones hung with Woodham. They had some sort of connection whether they were from the same city or high school or knew the same people, I don’t know which.” He chuckles. “Jones had a birthday so, I took them out the celebrate, Woodham and Jones got into a fist fight with a British aircrew.” Larson lets out a sigh. “Woodham died on his birthday. He was 20.” A tear rolls down his face. “Miss Kentucky and Jones died on that day as well.”

I had to walk away from the monitor being it was starting to get weird. Tomorrow is my 20th birthday, everything about that b-17 crew reminded me of my work crew. I know, It sounds crazy but the impossible happens, strange things occur and there is proof of reincarnation. So, I’m a little leery about going to work but it’s a job.

If this post goes up, then I’m hurt or dead thus adding proof that history repeats itself.  Chances are that I’m dead. I could stay home but it could turn out like the time machine movie from a few years ago, No matter what I do, I will die.

The Man on the porch

Let me tell you a story, it’s about a boy that I knew. He was something else but first let me set it up for you. I met this guy named Aaron, He was a nice-looking guy that was a sweet talker. He invited me over to hang out with his friends on a Saturday night. There was a connection between us and neither one of us could denied it. So, I drove over to his house and cars filled up the drive way. I found a place to park then got out and walked up to the front of the house to hear soft country being played while he sat on the swing with bottle of whiskey and cooler. He was ugly and he smiled when I approached him. “Is Aaron here?” I asked.

“Yeah, He’s inside, you want me to get him?” He asked. I shook my head no. “Go on In, that’s where they are partying at.” I walked in to a loud party and Aaron was quick to greet me.

“You want a beer?” He asked. I nodded my head yes then he started introducing me to everyone but the guy outside. When I left later that night, he was already gone. The next week, we went out to the clubs and the week after that was the bars but that guy didn’t show up.

The next gathering at the house, he was there on the front porch with a cooler and country music going. I walked in without saying a word to him.  I walked over to Aaron. “Who’s the guy outside?” I asked.

Aaron chuckled. “That’s Blake. Didn’t you meet him?” He asked. I shook my head no. “Come on.” He said before walking outside to Blake. “Blake this is Cindy, my girlfriend.”

Blake chuckled. “Well, I figured that from the first time we met being she asked for you.” He takes a sip of his drink. “Ya’ll want some?” Both of us shook our heads no. “I will be out here then.”

The two of us walked back inside. “Why does he sit out there?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Aaron chuckled.

“You haven’t asked?”

Aaron smirked. “He knows where to find us, like we know where to find him.” I didn’t press to much further into the subject being I didn’t care, I just wanted to party.

The next week, we were back at the house partying and Blake was in his spot. Neither one of said a word to each other but I figured that going to change. I grabbed a beer then kissed Aaron before heading back outside. “Blake” I said as he looks up. “Why don’t you come in.”

He chuckles. “It’s too loud.”

“Then why come here?”

He grins. “My friends are here. “

I started to think that he needed new friends. “Okay, I was just curious” I said before going back in back to see Aaron. “Blake is a weird one.” I told him.

He grins. “Yeah but once you get to know him, he’s less.”

For the next three weeks, we went to the clubs and bars while Blake didn’t show. I guess since he called the house loud, it made since why he didn’t show up to the bars and clubs. If we went somewhere else, Blake would have shown up and I know that.

At the next house party, Blake was in the same spot even though it was getting colder out. I decided to get a beer and talked to him. It was an odd feeling to have a plan for a party. I sat across from him. “Blake” I said. “How are you doing?”

“Good, so did you start smoking?”

I wanted to get up leave being he could think something like that. “Why would you think that?”

“The last time you talked with me, you were to the point and hanging in the door way.” He said. “Plus that how’s most smokers start out a conversation and they sit in that spot.”

I glance to the see an ash tray with butts in it so it was a logical thought process. “Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked.

He starts dying laughing while smacking his knee before calming back down. “That’s a funny joke and no.”

“There’s are plenty of girls in the house why don’t you come in a meet them.” He chuckled at the statement. “Are you gay then?” I asked.

He smiled. “No, I’m not but I already met them. Hell, most of them fucked someone in the party. By the end of the year, I will be on you mind more than Aaron.” He said proudly while I thought I doubt it. “If I wanted to, I could fuck about three of them tonight but I won’t. You will be the same way being there’s a good time and chance at love.”

“No I won’t” I told him.

He smiled. “I hope for your sake that you don’t end up like them.” The door open and another girl walks out. “Hey, you know Cindy, Aaron’s girlfriend, right?” She shakes her head yes. “What do you want?”

“You want a beer or something?” She asked.

He raised up his glass. “I’m good. But thanks anyways.” She walks back inside. “That’s one of the three.” Without take a breath to change the subject.  “So what do you find so fulfilling about partying every weekend?” He asked.

“It’s fun” I said.

Blake just shook his head in disapproval. “Doing the same thing every weekend is fun, that would drive me nuts.”

“Why do you sit on the porch every party?” I asked.

He exhales. “I’m like Jay Gatsby in a sense. I’m waiting for Daisy to talk with me.” That refence went over my head but I got what he meant.

“What about them other girls inside? Could they be your Daisy?”

He takes a sip of his drink. “No, I would be breaking my rules and I don’t break my rules.”

“What rules?”

“I don’t fuck around with a friend’s ex; she must be able to hold a conversation and she got to be able to dance.” I chuckled at the dance part. “Show me how you dance?” He asked. I shook my head no. “Do you need me to help you?” I shook my head no again.

Aaron walks out. “There you are.”

“Hey Aaron, show me how you dance with Cindy.” He said.

Aaron smiled. “We need better music.” He changes it to rap and turns it up. I started grinding up against him. Blake cuts the music. “Why did you asked that?”

Blake smiles. “We was talking about dancing and she wouldn’t dance for me, I asked to help her but I figure you could break her out of her shell.”

Aaron chuckles. “Cindy, you just failed his test, most girls do.”

“What test?” I asked.

Blake shook his head. “I couldn’t date you if you didn’t date him being you can’t dance.”

“That’s modern”

Blake chuckles. “You were dancing, it looked more like fucking being I saw monkeys do the same thing at the zoo.” Aaron snickers. “Aaron, one day I will show you how to dance and to grab a woman then make her melt in your hand but you must change.”

“Show me, how you dance then.” Blake stood up and walked over to me before grabbing my hand then spinning me around. Our eyes met which caused me to melt. We did about three or four steps. I was out of it being my head was spinning while I was thinking of him and that made no sense. Still I don’t know why; I fell for him like I did. It could have been how he came up with confidence or that held me like a princess or treated me with respect.

Aaron and I left him alone after that but my mind stayed on him. That was the last time I saw him while I was dating Aaron. I don’t know if he sat out in the cold and snow or if he quit coming to the parties. It was about April, Aaron invited me out again. I guess, he realized that our connection was physical and nothing else. I went out there, it was awkward but it was fun. Blake wasn’t there and no one knew where he was at. I didn’t go to the clubs with them, I just came to the house like some of the other girls.

The next house party, Blake was there but he wasn’t alone. She was beautiful Asian which caused him not be able take his eyes off her. There was no music or cooler which was odd for him.  I passed them and went into the house. I found Aaron and had to ask “Who’s the chick out there with Blake.”

“Blake has a friend?” He asked confused then I nodded my head yes before he turns off the music. The rest of the party stops and looks at him. “Blake has a female friend outside according to Cindy.” The house ran out every exit.

We flooded the front porch and yard. Blake chuckles as we gather around. He grins “This Li, guys. I met her on set.”

“What set?” Aaron asked.

His grin gets bigger. “I can’t tell you but she’s my girlfriend.” She says something in some other language then he responds which causes her to chuckle.

Everyone is confused other than Blake. “When did you learn a second language?” Asked Aaron.

“That’s not important.” He looks at her then smiles. “She is. My Daisy. I must say that this will be the last party that I will come to for a while and we must get going. It’s funny, I sat out here for a human connection and to talk.”  He stands up then she follows him and we followed her. They got in a shining black car and drove off. After he left, a weird thing happened being we turned off the music and actually talked. We didn’t try to get drunk which a sobering moment for us being we realized that we had nothing in common other than partying. A harsh reality to accept. That was one of the last parties that Aaron had.

Looking back, Blake was the person that you forgot about until he showed you his true self to you then he was a different person. It was hard to keep up with him being he didn’t post on social media because it didn’t feel real to him. I didn’t have his number and only way to get a hold of him was to call him. He was a minor character in my life but he’s one that I can never forget.

American Horror Story Predictions E3

I’m starting to theorize on American Horror Story season six. I’m must say that this is the fun part about it. I will be back up my claims with what could be consider proof.

The first theory is that Flora will die and so will Cricket. Why? You might ask. I watch a lot of these paranormal show that has reenactments. If there was a psychic like Cricket, they would try to get him on while we have no cuts to Flora as well. It’s kind a hard to interview a dead person.

My second theory. Flora is in the cellar. Proof, well the man who owned the house before, lived in there for a while. It was only when he left that something happened. Plus, they saw the little girl over the cellar which led them to find it and they never searched it in the show. The cellar could be protected by the word croatoan which could be used as spell to rid evil spirits. Cricket and the feral kids repeated the word.

I know it’s not much but time will tell.

The Lucky One

When I got to heaven, I didn’t think that this was going to be the case.

Let me explain, it started back in 2000 that’s when God had enough. God said “That the people of earth couldn’t be saved anymore. A few cared about doing good, why everyone else just cared about themselves while trying to take advantage of actual problems.”

The funny thing about that is I never considered myself to be one of those people that would get into heaven being I wasn’t a church going person, I didn’t pray that much, I broke eight out of the ten commandments that is unless you don’t count the great commandment of Jesus which I didn’t break it.  I loved God with my heart and soul and I love my neighbor better then myself. Then eight out of twelve isn’t bad but that is up to how you look at it.

Back on earth, we all thought it was mother nature when it was God’s wrath. He created the viruses that killed us, he created the storms and quakes that led us to poison ourselves and his creatures. Don’t worry, us humans did a lot to help out as well. You should know, I hope you watch the news. I didn’t virtue signal on social media when things happened. I just scrolled down and pray. People thought I was cold and heartless but they could see only what’s was in front of them. I wanted to spread love and peace being I didn’t care about what your book said.  I wanted to burden the pain of others being God knows I went through a lot and I could deal with it.

That doesn’t help you on what happen with me. I was the last one to walk through the Gates of Heaven. I guess, I was lucky.  No one knew or stood and watch as the gates shut behind me, the only thing I heard was the crashing of the shutting gate. When the gates were shut, a meteor hit earth shortly after with no warning then the earth became hell.

The one who got away

To make a long story short. It was like any other day with a doctor appointment that they drew blood at. They stuck me and got the blood then I was on my way. A couple days later, I got the call to come back in. I knew it wasn’t going to be good being the doctor said “come in as soon as possible.” I was there with in minutes. That when they told me. “Cancer.” Then I was off to more doctors. When it rains, it pours being they said “3 to 6 months to live.” That was two weeks ago.

I knew that I needed it to try to find this one girl from two years ago and I kicked myself for not getting her number. It was a crazy dream. We met being the two of us got stuck in an elevator for like forty-five minutes on vacation. She was buzzing while I was carrying a two bottles of whiskey. I was going to get tore up with the boys in the room while she was going out with her friends. The two of us started talking then a bottle got opened. Music got played but by the time we were about to get close to dance. Wouldn’t you know, the damn elevator got fixed. But I got her to come up with her friends. Her name was Emily. She was the one that got way but I always had the photo to remember her. I posted that being I wanted to see her again with the only picture of us on social media as like a last request but I never knew that it would take off. I couldn’t get through all of the messages and there are some sick people being they pretended to be her. That was ten days ago.

My friends that took the vacation with me got a message from her. She sent pictures of us and her friends. I knew that she must have been real. She wanted to see me again. Apparently, she liked me a lot but she couldn’t fly out being she was eight months preggers.  So she wanted me to come to her. I couldn’t wait. I didn’t get the message until I was off of the national news. Who would have thought that a dying man trying to see a woman he met once would be news worthy?  That was a week ago.

It was hard to leave the house after that especially at the airport. People treated me different. I got free tickets from the airline if I made a post on social media about them. Which was a no brainer. The hostesses would stop and take pictures with me. One of them posted that we were going to Lincoln Nebraska. The airport was packed and I could barely move. I didn’t get why people wanted to see me. I found my hotel and stayed in my room. My stomach was in knots and I had big one in there already. That was yesterday.

We went out to dinner, just the two of us. It was something sweet and romantic. It felt like a date but I didn’t care, I was seeing her with her baby gut. People didn’t bother us as much. While at dinner something unexpected happen. Her water broke. We ran out of there and I gave the waiter a hundred. I was driving with her screaming in my ear. Luckily, we got pulled over being a cop which gave us an escort to the hospital. I stayed with her until the baby daddy came. It’s kind a funny being both times we have been together some crazy happen. Her family and friends started to show up. Some of them noticed me and we talked awhile. The baby boy was born safe and healthy but she wasn’t out of the woods. I had to step out and stretched my legs. I took a stroll around the hospital. I was stabbed to death on that stroll by someone. It’s weird seeing your lifeless body. I was waiting for a beam a light but that didn’t happen. I walked back into the hospital then I walked up to where she was at. When I entered her room was when a loud long beep and panic happened then I saw her rise up from her body. She looked just like that night, she smiled when she saw me then gave me a kiss. Wouldn’t you know, that bright light came down for the both of us. That was today, my last day on earth. I guess we was meant to die in that elevator.